Today My Topic about to Site Authorized in Google Adsense. I know all of my friends and users who didn’t know about Site Authorized, that what is this and why used Site Authorized??.Site Authorized is a Google Adsense Policy Types which is must for every Google Adsense Publishers. Without Site Authorized all your Ads will show on your all Website or Blogs and will also generate earning but after Finalized Earning will be 0$ due to Invalid Traffic..
because Site Authorize is important feature that allow you to enter your own Sites that are permitted to use Google Adsense Ads Code. If you didn’t enter all your Own Websites or Blogs into Site Authorize list google will didn’t know about your Websites or Blogs Traffic Source and due to your all earning will be go to Invalid Traffic which will be 0$.

Thousand of Peoples put there Adsense Ads Code into there all sites and start earning but after end of the month when they see their final earning got 0$ in debit balance and got Shock. because they didn’t allow there all sites in Site Authorise in google Adsense to tell them that these are my sites on which i will earning and working.

What Happen when you don’t Use Site Authorized

If on your Websites or Blogs Ads showing and that Websites or Blogs is not on your Site Authorize lists. your Ads will still show and generate Impression and calculate clicks, but Advertiser will not pay and you will not received any earning from that Sites. Reason is that Google told you that please put all your Own Websites or Blogs URL Lists into your Google Adsense Account on Site Authorize Lists option to get your earning

How to Site Authorize your All Websites or Blogs

1.First Sign in to your Adsense Account.
2.After Sign in go to Setting
3.Now Click on Users Managment
4.Now Click below Users Managment on Authorize Sites
5.Now Enter all your Websites or Blogs URL and Save.
Now you can work and got pay for every clicks and impression. and never get invalid traffic.

CommentsPlease Read carefully, if you have any Problems and get trouble, so please mention in comments i will help you for every types of Google Adsense Issue.

Thanks for your Important Time