What is CPC in Google Adsense

CPC mean Cost-Per-Click. in adsens history and on internet thousand of peoples searching for CPC, that to how get high CPC and to know about CPC. But no one know about CPC. So today i will tell you about CPC and you will easy get it what is CPC. So CPC is a cost get by user when click on ads. its depend on Ads Paid Cost through which user get high Paid or low Paid. Now question is that how you will find High CPC Paid Ads and Low CPC ads Paid. before i tell you about high CPC and Low CPC Ads Paid Companies, first you should know about CPC in little bit deep. CPC is depend by Impression and Ads Clicks. if user click on ads and impression is also good so user will get good amount of CPC. but but as you know most of time we click on high ads but didn’t get high CPC, you know why?

How To Get High CPC

because CPC is calculate by Average of All types Ads e.g Image ads, Video ads, Text ads, Flash Ads, Rich Media ads, there are types of Google adsense Network Ads. through which you get high amount of CPC. So its very important tips, that when user visit your website and get 2 clicks by Image ads, 2 clicks by Text ads, and 2 clicks by Video ads. e.g

Now your cpc will get low because your average divided by 3Ads therefore you Total CPC got low. So you want to get high CPC, you must get just two Types of ads. because when you get minimum types of ads clicks you will get good and High CPC ads e.g

this is very high CPC. So there are best and most popular Keyword CPC through which you will get high amount of earning.
1. Insurance
2. Loan
3. Lawyer
4. Cherity
So you have to create blog or website on that Topics and always you will get high CPC. Now i am very happy that you understood easy about CPC? if you have any question or need help please mention it on comments .