samsung note 8

The World most popular Samsung Note Series are now coming with new edition Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung. As everyone love and know about Samsung Note series and more people are waiting for new Series like Note 8 Samsung. Some new leaked information has come out from a source about note 8 Galaxy. We have just 2 bits of leaked information come out.Note 8 Galaxy

 #1 Galaxy Note 8 Display

The number one leaked information come out about the new galaxy 8 note display. Galaxy note 8.0 display is rumored to be 6.3 inches which are 1 point bigger than that Galaxy S8 plus. Also, new Note 8 Samsung are a little bit larger than old Samsung note 7 series. Still, no more information about the resolution of the display no more Samsung reviews still come out but may be it going to OLED resolution or 2k plus or maybe it will 4k Display. You may want to get more information leaking of Galaxy note 8 from this source.


#2 Dual Lens on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Another top bit information leaked about the dual lens on the back side of Samsung galaxy note 8.0. Which will take the wide-angle lenses versus? You know in normal photos as well and that’s the same thing that’s going on in almost every single flagship phone. I love the dual lens because it will get you long and Wide shot easily for you.

I hope you like my news and you will share it as much as you can and if any new information leaked I will share about Note 8 of Samsung Galaxy Series. I also waiting for to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 when it gets launched but we didn’t know about the Samsung note 8 prices. Samsung Note 8 price will be higher than note 7 or Samsung 8 plus or not let coming soon.

Check out the Video of Galaxy Note 8