ransomware malware

Ransomware virus attacks on 12th May 2017 affecting over 150 countries over the Weekend in the World. Ranswomware WannaCry .  This is not just simple malware virus it’s actually the size that’s unprecedented. Security NSA said that ransomware is the most worst piece of malware that ever seen. Special because it even cost Hospital in the UK to have to cancel our patient appointments. All Countries which are affected by WannCry Virus are Shutdown there Major IT Secure System has been temporary shut down.ransomware malware

What is Ransomware Virus?

Ransomware is a malware that encrypts contents on infected systems and demands payment in bitcoins. example, all your files are stolen and locked up now the culprits have the key and you will only get the key when you pay in bitcoin. Bitcoin which is Digital Currency. The current demand of Ranswom attackers is 300$. Actually, this malware will lock all the files in your computer and demands 300$ US. If you didn’t pay the 300$ in 3 days they will demand 600$ after 6 days which is higher demand.

ransomware wannacry

Peoples are seeing this message all around the world and researchers say the see 10 of thousands infection in about 100 countries. 16 Hospitals, Interior Ministry Russian, Telefonica Spain, German Trains Station, Fedex USA, Academic Institutes China all are now infected by Ransomware Wannacry virus.

Ransomware Virus Protection

First of all, you have to install Latest Microsoft Official antivirus on your computer to save from this cyber attack virus. Second Don’t Click on any Suspicious Link on email or from any source. Third do your all Data backup offline and keep save it in your hard disk because this ransom virus attacked on every file, images, especially file that you are using daily.  More information click on the link to get Official news bout Ransomware

What to do after Infected by Ransomware Malware.

If unfortunately you are infected by ransomware virus so don’t pay any penny to them. just go offline and remove your device from there. Even your date is infected just save all date and keep it because the tools will come soon that will help to recover your infected data by ransom virus. also, see this news to know about more ransomware

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