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Hello, everyone, I hope you are all fine today I am come back with latest and hot news about video gaming related. the game which is going to very popular nowadays and everyone going to buy it and play it. But most of my friends didn’t know about it’s launching date also didn’t know the review of the game. So don’t worry I am going to tell you everything about that game. The game name is Outlast 2 which was released on 25th April 2017. The game is very popular and its previous version was Outlast which were released on September 4, 2013, but now its new version is released on 25th April 2017. Outlast 2 video game is first-person survival horror video game developed and launched by Red Barrels which can play on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows(PC), Macintosh operating System.

#1 Outlast 2 review

This is the quite bit but I did go into this one with an open mind even still it took all of 40 minutes for the game to ultimately get you down. outlast 2 as being a mature intense psychological horror game feels like it’s taken influence from other game like Resident evil five and Texas chainsaw Massacre but influences. The story around the protagonist Blak and his wife Lynn who are heading to an area Arizona to investigate the disappearance and supposed murder of a pregnant woman in a helicopter after the crash helicopter they fall down at crazy town quite literally as you just move through one environment after the other caves, Mines, Forest and Churches. The main disappoint is that 35% gameplay whare you are sneaking hiding in tall grass and avoiding enemies. The other thing is Outlast 2 is a camera which is really important and allow you to see him darkened areas and also use a microphone to try and gauge the location of nearby enemies.

#2 Outlast 2 disappointed  Points

When you play the game few things you will also note which i note and the points are some graphic related. The game is changed for performance which can smoothly run on PC which is nice change but unfortunately they have ruined it a lot of the time with abundance of visual effect they have  tried to cram into presentation honestly i think this game has to win some kind of award for the most visually cluttering effect ever used in a video game. There is just countless times where you cannot imagine and it is impossible to see what’s the happening, it could be depth of field it could be motion blur or just messing around with the image to portray blakes nausea or some other kind of injury you can see what the hell is supposed to be going on. Whenever you duck underwater to avoid detection from enemies  one of the game so deep stealth mechanics your site becomes a literal blur

outlast 2

which i guess is realistic but not entirely all that useful. The camera flicker during the flashback, for instance, became so bad it started to give me a headache. i have no intention to every go back and reply it yeah outlast 2 is like that dumb stupid horror movie that you go to see with your friends.

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Well if you like the game comments and if you don’t like the game also comments really i didn’t like the game so much expected.