Nokia 3310 Review 2017

The best phone in the world is not a Samsung Galaxy, It is not a Google Nexus neither is it an Apple iPhone. It is The Nokia 3310 The World best phone and the World more Spending Forever. Today Nokia Launch Three Phones. Nokia 300, Nokia 500 And Updated version of Nokia 3310 2017.

There is Something you never thought you would live to see the Nokia 3310 Release again, This is not a joke this is prank Nokia 3310 is actually making a comeback. So Microsoft has decided to release a sort of throwback one of the most iconic Nokia 3310 again.It is just literally 17 years ago almost and the first three times introduce one of his most popular phones they bring it back the cause of Fresh model and not really vibrant color on this.


nokia 3310

It is 2.4 Inc Display and it is not really that spec heavy obvisouley because the feature phone running not his series 30 platform not going get a whole bunch of apps. Stuff literally the most basic point knocking sort offer we do have snakes the bring back a modern version of that. If you really missed out a cloud will know your phone. other main sport feature of these Nokia 3310 is 41 days of standby and 22 hours of talk time.So it is going last forever and it look pretty much like the old one.

It is the new twist on and old classic let you go up there a camera and the back it is charge by a Micro USB on Top. and Keys are beautiful no touch navigation. This is really talking back to the good old days of 2004 the eye thing and so is a real quick look at Nokia 3310 2017.

nokia 3310 price in india

This Phone is for those peoples who want feature mobile not a smartphone Like Adults, Kids, or Those who Travel alot and spare for all other people who want a feature phone.
Now Let talk about Specification

Expected Release Date is 2017 Quarter

  • Network  ::   GSM, No 4G, No 3G
  • Apps        ::   Facebook Messanger, Opera Browser
  • Display     ::  2.4Inch QVGA Colorfull
  • Video      ::   Yes
  • Camera  ::   2MP Back
  • Secondary ::    No
  • Memory     ::   MiscroSD Upto 32GB Dedicated Slot
  • Battery     :: Stand By upto 31 Days   :: Talk Time Upto 22h
  • Price    :: 52$ US
  • price in india 38900