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Hello Everyone This is Masood Alam, Today I am going to tell you about the world best new Thing. You heard about this thing you watch the king notes you are curious as anyone else who cares about gadgets because this thing is front of you is a completely new shape to the concept of console Gaming Like the title of the book or something. That is Nintendo Switches

nintendo review

the first that goes with you, You can play with the another person even when your mobile there’s a kickstand. Nintendo switch games console is best and new console which is released and available on amazon.

nintendo unboxing reivew

Nintendo switch come with latest best games you can play

Nintendo Switch Game console come with the best resolution of 720p on the display when you put into the dock it will also output 1080p USB type C connector. Nintendo Switch Game console come with 2 separate small controllers which you can also plug with the console or without console you can play games.

Nintendo Switch console come with Doc with USB cable and HDMI cable also with AC Adapter. Nintendo Switch console is a very best feature because two people can play easily again there self like PS4 or Xbox Console I like this Console feature of Nintendo Switch.

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