how to speed up your Computer

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So the Trick is that how to increase your Ram Speed without upgrading Ram OR Without buying Extra Ram. So This is best Trick of 2017 you will see how to fast speed up your computer without Buy new Ram from any shop. You just Need a USB Flash Drive and I think nowadays everyone has USB Flash Drive.

how to speed up your computer

nowadays everyone like to play games and heavy software for video editing etc. If you don’t have extra money to buy Ram and also sometimes there is no slot on your PC/Laptops Boards to install RAM. But don’t worry today I will share best tips that will help you to increase or speed up your computer RAM using USB Flash Drive.Now you will think how to is possible to increase RAM through USB flash drive and speed up your computer RAM,

how to increase your ram

The answer is Yes it is possible. just check my trick below step by step.

Step 1: Plug your USB into your PC/Laptop USB Ports

upgrade your ram

Step 2: Now Open My Computer and Right Click on your USB Drive

Step 3: Click on Properties you will see a Properties Box of USB Drive

Step 4: Now Click on Read/Boost Option Above and you will see some options below

Step 5: Select Use This Device Option and reduce little memory of MB and Click Apply

Now you can see that your USB Drive is showing as Ready Boost, through this trick your PC/Laptop used your Virtual memory and RAM as USB drive combine with your PC/Laptop RAM. You can easily play Games as fast as you can. If you want to back your USB Drive normally just do above steps backward and Select Do Not Use This Device your USB will be back Normal.

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