How to Connect Wifi Without password in Mobile

Hello Everyone today I come with a most popular article which everyone is searching nowadays. As you know everyone has SmartPhone and 24 hours connect with the internet. Most of People go to their friends home and asked for the password of Wifi to connect mobile but most of the friends didn’t remember their Wifi password. So what we should do when we go to friends or neighbor or any place where we want to connect Wifi with our Mobile without Wifi Password. Off course we can easily connect Wifi without Password in our Mobile. How to connect your mobile Wifi you have to near with Wifi Router or Wifi Modem of your friends home or anywhere then you can easily connect wifi without a password. Which is called WPS, WPS is a function/button back side of any Router modem and our Smartphone we have also WPS function to connect with Wifi Router through WPS. So how we can connect let’s follow simple Steps.

Step 1. Just go to Wifi Router back side and Check there will be WPS Button

Step 2. Push WPS button on Router or Modem it will blink light on Router

Step 3. Now go to your mobile Setting>Wifi>Option>WPS and click on WPS

Now you will see WPS option will take few second and will automatically connect to your Office, Home, Friends or Anywhere Wifi without password. this is a very simple solution but most of the peoples didn’t know about it. So just 1 push a button and connect your wifi in your mobile without any password if you forgot your password also. this is some time a hack system because you can connect wifi easily without anyone knowledge just push the button and connect your WPS in your mobile and Enjoy Free Wifi also

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