What is Invalid Traffic

What is invalid Traffic in Google Adsense? Why Users got their final Earning 0$ due to invalid traffice?. No one Knows about it that why google Adsense Credit there Final Earning balance from 100$ to 0$ because of Invalid Traffic?.
Google Adsense have some policy which are 80% Users don’t follow or don’t know it about. Today i will tell you the reason of Invalid Traffic. Invalid Traffic mean where is the traffic Source come from? and how google know about it ,that its your Website or Blog? or Not?. Reason is that most of users approve there Google Adsense Account from one Website or Blog. e.g www.freeall4u.com. after that Google tell to users that now you can Place Ads on your Website or blog. Now users place Ads on there website or Blog which were Approve but also Users Place Ads on his/her more other websites e.g www.example.com, www.glog.com, www.other.com.
Now users can see Ads on there all websites or blogs. and users start earning from there all websites or blogs.after one months when users checked there final earning it shows Invalid Traffic from google adsense host content e.g debit 100$ or debit 200$ and Credit 0$ balance earning 0$, Users got Shocked.
now users search on internet, email or post on google adsense forum that why my all earning show Invalid Traffice 0$?. The things is that Google Allow users to put there ads on every sites own by him,but first enter your all Website or Blogs URL into Site AuthorizedList
what is Site Authorized?
google have policy about invalid traffic that you can place Ads on every websites or blogs you own but you must have to put your URL into Site Authorized List through which google Adsense will know your Source and know about your websites or blog. because without Site Authorized every one can hack your Google Ads code and put on there websites will do invalid activities, invalid clicks, boost clicks which is caused your account can be disable.
Therefore Google Adsense tell to users that provide URL of all your websites in Site Authorized through which we can Trace it and will never get Invalid Actives on your Sites. So please before you put your ads on another websites or blog first of all provide list your URL in Site Authorized.


if you have any suggestion or issue please comments me, i will solved your problems. you can comments about any types of problem about Google Adsense please must mention in comments thanks.


  1. Andres Rormoser:
    You are right but Site Authorized is must.
    read this
    What happens to sites I don't authorize?

    If a URL displaying your ad code is not on your list of authorized sites, ads will still show on that URL, and impressions and clicks will be recorded. However, advertisers are not charged, and you do not receive earnings for that site.

    Our systems might attribute a few impressions to sites that you do not control and that do not directly have your ad code on them. Check possible reasons for this.
    If you don't add a site to the authorized sites list, and you place your ad code on it, ads will continue to appear on the site but you won't earn from them. Therefore, please enable this feature with caution to avoid missing out on valid revenue.

    refrence By;.https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/65062?hl=en