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Hello Everyone Today I am going to Tell you about first month of 2017 New Androids Apps. As you Know 2017 has come and we have got a lot more left. So the best new Androids Apps from January 2017 are give below.

1. ADW launcher

The ADW launcher has been invaded for some time however made its grand reopening in january. the new ADW Launcher has a ton of features including a cutting-edge design with custom widget builduing theming icon percent guide and lots of underneath the hood modifications . The modern layout replicate that of other current browsers together with pixel launcher and nova launcher however additionally truth these new creature that those performance and low battery drain and you may download it for free or Pay the cash for the seasoned model.

2.FastKey App

The FastKey App is not interesting concept. It’s a launcher application that replaces your home screens with its own unlike most actually put the keyboard right on the main screen.

you can use that keyboard to type in text to search for contact application and other information that idea is that you can access application and contact quickly and you can even make calls right from the main interface. It still needs some work but it’s a fun little concept and it’s also free.

3.MoodCast Diary App

The MoodCast Diary App is an application that tracks your mood the way it works is that you make diary entries over the course of your average day and

the application will tracked your mood as time passes. Once it gets into its group it can tell your pattern is for being happy or for being upset. It also comes with a slick material design interface that’s very easy to use, You get the basic feature of the application free Or you can also Pay the 2$ 90 Cents. Which will integrate your Social media accounts into the app so it can gather more information.

4.Posture App

Posture App is an application that wants to improve your posture. It does this by using your driver scope and the screen overlay when it detects that your phone is in a position that is too stressful for your neck.

it will pop up a little icon in the middle of the screen to remind you straighten up. It also includes various settings you can control how often the application checks to make sure you are doing it rights. There are also some standing elements if you want to those it’s fun to use and generally unobtrusive and it’s also totally Free.

5.Screens App

Screen App is an application for people who actually like split screen mode in android nougats the application allows you to create a quick shortcut on your home screen that opens two application into split screen mode .

you simply open the app select the two application that you want give shortcut name and the created shortcut will appear on your home screen. it really enjoyable however there are some combination of apps simply don’t work together in any case the application is completely free if you want to try.

6. Squeezed App

Squeezed App helps you manage your budget. It uses a friendly material design inspired interface that allows you to move quickly around the app.

Once you sign in you will be able to see financial influence and comparisons to your bills to help you save money the application also boasts 128-bit SSL encryption to help make you feel more Safe. One things you will be asked to do is sign in using your bank account and you totally understand, If that is not your thing. Otherwise the app is Completely Free to use.

7. Stringify Android App

Stringify Launcher is a new competitor to IFTTT. You will be able to create automated actions with this application that your android device then performs automatically a few example include the ability to share.

Open Fit bit Goals Facebook open your garage door as you pull up or ever satellites to certain way. When it’s bed time as you may have guessed by. Now the application is compatible with variety of smart gadgets along with various apps. It is free to download but it is currently in beta, that mean you are going to be some bugs.

8. SystemPanel Adroid App

SystemPanel Apps is the modern-day device reveal app from subsequent app. it has been entirely rebuilt from the floor up and looks loads exceptional from its predecessor.

It features fabric designed the potential to display maximum structures for your android device. The place and root get right of entry to for even you’re rooted. each feature is to be had in the loose version and the seasoned version actually removes commercial. The only awful part is that Android nougat could be very strict on what’s jogging for your android gadgets which this app can not restore that, otherwise it’s miles looks suitable and it really works very well.

9.Tastic 3D Android App

The Tastic three-D Google Android app is a fun application that create animations it comes with variety of characters and items that you may use to get started out.

additionally you can make your personal if you are fascinated along side growing the animation you could also narrate them pick from tale arcs to help you along and you can export the videos and proportion them while you are executed. it is no longer a expert stage application but it is nonetheless quite a laugh to use and it’s also absolutely free.

10. Weather App

The Weather Android App is a newer app that looks fantastic. It feature the basic weather information including the current temperature hourly forecast a 10-day forecast precipitation wind cloud cover you be in debt and dew point.

It also has one of weather radars that you ever seen. in weather app you can also track multiple locations if you want to. Every feature is completely free to use and you can buy additional Themes as optional in app. So if you want keep daily new Androids apps so up to date with latest androids News. Don’t Forget to check out my Website, All Apps Links are Available to Download below if you want to check them out and keep it.

• ADW Launcher 2 https://goo.gl/RTXjgN

• FastKey Launcher – https://goo.gl/UBTzT6

• MoodCast Diary – https://goo.gl/5zlFjU

• Posture –https://goo.gl/jlVFHB

• Screens – https://goo.gl/QwFNV8

• Squeeze – https://goo.gl/qayrcN

• Stringify – https://goo.gl/BvNNyc

• SystemMonitor 2 –href=” https://goo.gl/8O3QQH

• Toontastic 3D – https://goo.gl/Cjdk9n

• Weather Wiz – https://goo.gl/Pslq1P